The lx brand for OpenIndiana 151a

The lx branded zones on OpenSolaris enabled to run Linux binaries. But this useful feature was removed from the kernel in June 11, 2010. As it turned out, it is not so difficult to bring the lx brand back. The results of the first attempt are below.

To enable rollback capability you can create a new boot environment and activate it. Let’s name it lx01.
sudo beadm create lx01
sudo beadm activate lx01

After rebooting into the new boot environment, you should install files from archive. There is the kernel among these files.
7z x lx_151a_20120111.7z
sudo cp -r etc/ kernel/ platform/ usr/ /

You should reboot the system to load the new kernel. Then add lx brand kernel modules to the system.
sudo add_drv lx_audio
sudo add_drv -m ‘lx_ptmajor 0666 root sys’ lx_ptm
sudo add_drv -m ‘* 0644 root sys’ lx_systrace

Create and configure a new zone.
sudo zonecfg -z myzone
myzone: No such zone configured
Use ‘create’ to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:myzone> create -t SUNWlx
zonecfg:myzone> set zonepath=/export/myzone_root
zonecfg:myzone> add net
zonecfg:myzone:net> set address=
zonecfg:myzone:net> set defrouter=
zonecfg:myzone:net> set physical=yukonx0
zonecfg:myzone:net> end
zonecfg:myzone> add attr
zonecfg:myzone:attr> set name=»audio»
zonecfg:myzone:attr> set type=boolean
zonecfg:myzone:attr> set value=true
zonecfg:myzone:attr> end
zonecfg:myzone> commit
zonecfg:myzone> exit

Then download and repack the installation image.
bunzip2 < centos_fs_image.tar.bz2 |gzip >centos_fs_image.tar.gz

Install the zone from the image.
sudo zoneadm -z myzone install -d /home/keremet/lx/centos_fs_image.tar.gz

Now it is possible to boot the zone.
sudo zoneadm -z myzone boot

To access the zone console use the folloing command
sudo zlogin -C myzone

To login to the zone use
login: root
password: root

Andrey Sokolov (keremet (at)


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